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The Philosophy


Here I explain some of the deep influences on my work and provide an overview of the philosophy that underpins all of the work I do with individuals, groups and professionals.

Holistic Science

Holistic science is concerned with the study of complex systems. This means that there is an emphasis placed on re-establishing inquiry in it's context. Understanding that all parts manifest the whole, and therefore it is never possible to "remove" something in order to study it. There is the emphasis of scientific methodologies which do not assume reductionism or the capacity to separate, but recognize that we as observers are always in a reciprocal and participatory relationship with the object of study. 


Eastern philosophy

Whilst it is not possible to summarise Eastern philosophy so succinctly the particular object of my interest lies in the ancient traditions of Taoism and Buddhism. These hold both an understanding of interdependence and a philosophy of how to incorporate the teachings into a way of life. 

Meditation and presence give emphasis on being able to be with experience as it is, not trying to change, fight or cling to anything but allowing the flow of life in its impermanence to just be.

Clinical Psychology

Ecopsychology is an emerging field that recognizes that human health, wellbeing and identity are intimately linked to that of the earth and the non-human world. 

Ecopsychology places human psychology in an ecological context. It's intention, to shift our thinking about the human psyche to include that of our natural ecological context - that we too are Nature and that without a relationship to the natural world, we suffer, as does the world. 

Concerned with the ecological crisis, ecopsychology looks at the psychological processes that serve to alienate or reconnect us with our environment with the intention of  healing this relationship for the betterment of us and the world.

Psychology is the scientific study of human thought and behaviour. Clinical Psychology is the applied practice of evidence-based assessment, formulation and intervention with people experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties. Clinical Psychologists are highly trained to work with a variety of problems including trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, personality disorders etc. They are also trained to work across the age range with cognitive difficulties arising from head injury, dementia and learning disability. 

The title Clinical Psychologist is a protected title, which requires a person to be registered with the Health Professional's Council. You should always check a psychologist is registered with the list of chartered professionals.

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