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Limited offer!


Greatly reduced price sessions

 £15 per session.

 Available on skype or in person.


I am offering a limited number of reduced price sessions exploring a new modality I am working on called Meeting in Truth. 



I have discovered through my work that there is often an intimacy with the truth of experience that people are unable or unwilling to touch. Ususally it arises when something vulnerable is being experienced and habitually we turn to practiced stories, justifications or externalisation to avoid feeling the rawness of the emotion or experience. I find through my work as a Clinical Psychologist that sometimes we too as professionals conspire to create long stories - hypotheses or formulations as to WHY something is happening. Rather than bringing deep presence and witness to the experience as it is. 


I want to empower people and sit with them in deep presence, bringing a knowledge that they are everything they want to be, but habits, patterns, defenses and stories cloud our capacity to reside there. This is not about trying to get somewhere, but allowing yourself to return to where you already are; a uniquely perfect manifestation of life. 


Because this work is based on a different model from that which we tend to adopt in Clinical Psychology, I am beginning this work outside of my professional remit. This means I am less constrained and more free to experiment with the work and seek feedback. 


How will it work?


The 1 to 1 session will last a maximum of an hour and can be carried out over skype or in person if you are near the Totnes area of Devon. 

You do not need to come with any particular problem, and it is also ok if you are. I will want to ask some initial assessment questions to get to know you and your situation a little. 


What am I expecting in return?

I am asking people to commit to four sessions, in order for us to explore the work together and have time to feedback. Of course if you are finding the work in anyway unhelpful, then you do not have to see through the four sessions. I would like to be able to converse about the work, which will help me to articulate further the process in papers and reports. The content of the sessions will however, remain confidential.


I am asking for a token amount of £15 per session in order to respect the time and energy I am investing and also to cover basic administration costs that I have. 


How do you take up the offer?


Please email me on to register your interest and I will get back to you. 


Thank you for your interest 






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