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What can I offer?

Individual Clinical Psychology Sessions for adults, adolescents, couples and families. 


 working, whether you are experiencing mental health problems, a relationship breakdown, facing a life transition, whether you would like to work with previous trauma or you just have a general sense of malaise and dissatisfaction with life that you can't quite pinpoint.


I also work with people who are not coming with a problem, but would like support and guidance to open more fully to life and cultivate presence.


Please call to discuss if you would like further details or to talk about your individual needs. You can also look at the FAQ for more information. 




I run a variety of workshops; for health professionals, for groups looking at different ways of thinking about health. 


Upcoming events: i am currently working on developing workshops for young women, please let me know if you are interested. 




As a registered Clinical Psychologist I am able to offer supervision to other clinicians working in practice. If you are a therapist, therapist in training or other health professional wanting to integrate nature-based work or holistic thinking into your clinical work, I am able to offer reflective space as part of the professional obligation to ensure there is a safe, boundaried and appropriate therapeutic relationship, and to support you to expand your work in this area.

one to one session
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